About Us

We are a lens company that prides itself on its unique and distinctive approach. Our mission is to tell stories through our products, evoking emotions and sensations. We value the diversity of colors and styles and passionately celebrate the courage of those who embrace differences. Through various languages—eyes, hands, actions, and heart—we communicate with the world. We stay rooted in our heritage while embracing innovation and finding inspiration in the past. As global citizens, we strive to maintain a connection between the earth and the sky in our hearts.

Our brand is built upon courage, advocating for freedom, reality, and individuality. We pay homage to the aesthetic and emotional power of our pieces, recognizing their potential impact on people's lives. As rebels, we refuse to accept questionable realities and continuously push boundaries. Our ultimate goal is to make a lasting impact and provide courage to those who dare to embrace their uniqueness.

Additionally, we strive to add value through our non-traditional values. Courage and empathy are at the core of our philosophy. We believe that all realities and lives deserve equal recognition and aim to foster a diverse and supportive community. Our mission is to broaden perspectives and promote acceptance of differences.

In essence, we are a lens company known for the high quality and thoughtful design of our products. We excel in conveying emotions and are committed to embodying courage, empathy, and diversity. Our genuine pride lies in being a brand that celebrates and normalizes differences, with a steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of our customers.